Falcon Waterfree Urinals are unique

Our patent protected cartridges are cylindrical and lock into our proprietary housing unit at the bottom of each urinal. Our patented bayonet locking mechanism ensures that the system is tamper-proof and air tight. Our cartridge is the key to our unique touch free system. As the urine enters the cartridge, it comes in contact with a layer of biodegradable sealant liquid with a specific gravity less than water. The urine passes through this sealant liquid and passes through the housing tailpipe which is connected to the building’s waste system. This sealant liquid acts as an airtight barrier that isolates the urine from the restroom, providing odor free operation. In addition, uric sediment collects at the bottom of the cartridge, preventing buildup and keeping pipes cleaner than with traditional flush urinals. Read More



Save money by cutting down on maintenance, sewage and water costs

Falcon Waterfree urinals save 100% of the water and related sewer charges which are sure to rise in the future. Waterless urinals also eliminate energy costs associated with pumping water to and from the fixture. While ultra low flush urinals may use little water, they rely on valves that are prone to leaks, wasting tremendous amounts of water and money. Read More



  • Trusted One

    "The Falcon Waterfree urinals are fantastic. I never have to worry about odor or maintenance because they just work."

    Manager, Sun Life Stadium

  • Trusted One

    "The decision to convert to waterfree urinals has not only been socially responsible, but fiscally responsible as well."

    Asst. Dir. of Facilities, Corona-Norco USD